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BridgeIT Development

We are an IT company partnered with Brand Building Consulting, based in Beverly Hills, California.

We specialize in website design, website development, SEO  (search engine optimization), and web applications. Our team are experts with plenty of experience working with previous companies such as IBM, and  Capegemini. Our web developers are a group of professional engineers ready to take on any task that are handed to us with a professional work structure. Our engineers are lead by a highly skilled, and highly experienced project manager.  At BridgeIT Development we take our work seriously and we pride on our “high quality, on time and on budget” mission statement. Our main objective is to ensure that our customers are happy with their products. If our customers are happy then we are happy. We understand that quality is important to our customers therefore we make sure we have qualified team members, such as our team leader who previously worked with IBM and Capegemini. Here at BridgeIT Development, we understands that there are many other developers out there. However, we have competitive prices with a highly trained and highly skilled team. Therefore, we believe that we are the right developers for you!

At BridgeIT Development we understand that everyone has a different perspective on business values. However, we believe that business value comes from one source which is, within the people not the technology itself. Our consultants are available to listen to your businesses objective and develop solutions to meet those requirements.



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