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Business Management Application

Business Management Application 

Business Management Development

At BridgeIT Development we pride on our “high quality, on time and on budget” mission statement. We understand that their are many businesses and start up businesses who are in need of a business management application that is similar to an ERP system but not quite as intense and expensive as an ERP. Therefore, we came with the solution of developing a customize business management application for our clients who are on a tight budget. With the option of customizing your own applications you will be able to save massive amount of money for your business.

Our team specializes in developing business management applications for businesses, especially in the insurance industry field. Our engineers have had on hand experience of developing such applications for insurance companies such as AXA, the number 1 global insurance brand. We can develop windows applications as well as web applications using PHP, .Net, Java and others. Our team background speaks for itself! We understand that quality, on time, and on budget is an important factor to our clients, especially for start up businesses. Therefore, we strive to give the best prices as well as the best quality. So send us a message if you’re in need of a business management application and lets work together to produce the most efficient system as well as the most price efficient!

Few key modules:

  1. Finance and Accounting Software Development
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Sales Software Management
  5. Customize Your Application

Finance and Accounting Software Development

Financial and accounting Development At BridgeIT Development we have professional IT Developers who are ready to develop your financial and accounting system. Our financial system will gather your financial data and generate reports such as:

  1. General ledger
  2. Account receivables
  3. Account payable
  4. Asset Accounting
  5. More

With the Finance and Accounting software you will be able to analyze your spending, control budgeting, as well as plan for future investments. At BridgeIT Development we like to listen to our customer and analyze their needs and requirements. From your needs and requirements we will develop an application adaptable to you and your business.

Inventory Management

Inventory ControlAs your business grows so will your inventory. Need help keeping track of your inventory? We can help by developing an inventory management application which allows you to easily manage and organize your inventory. The inventory management application allows you to keep track of stock levels, process inventory receipts, shipments returns, inventory adjustments and much more.


Human Resource Management

human Resource Human resource management is an application strictly dedicated to the HR department. With this system you will be able to view and input employees data into a database. Employees database usually has the following functions: Contact information, Salary details, Attendance, Performance evaluation, and promotions. There are plenty of other functions that could be included in the human resource management application. It depends on your businesses needs whether or not you want to implement all the functions.


Sales Software Management


Our sales software management can help you define and track your sales. Some of the functions that the software provides, is pricing, clients data, orders, delivery, bills and more. Depending on your businesses requirements we can develop a sales software to adapt to anything that you would like. The functions listed above are the basics of a sales management software. It allows you , the admin, to define pricing on your product, store clients information, manage orders of each clients, delivery information, and billing from your business to the client. It will help you provide a faster and efficient way of making sales. With a simple input of data you will be able to analyze anything you want in this department.

Customize Your Application

Customize software development There are many departments that you may wish to have a system developed. Thats why we offer a customization of your own software. We offer a basic consultation base on your business, needs and requirements. From there we will analyze and see what sort of application best suits you. Once we are able to clearly define your requirements we will start developing the application for you. Duration and pricing of development depends on your requests and requirements. Once the application is completed we will deliver the software to you. When you feel like your business needs support in order to run faster and efficiently, send us an email and we would love to sit down with you to see what we can implement to help you strive in your businesses goals.

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